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PS2/PS90 Gasoline Series Immokey

PS2/PS90 Gasoline Series Immokey
Language version of the vehicle system software is currently released for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Spanish,German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, farsi.
01.Increase the BAIC D280 Smart key system
02.Increase the BRILLIANCE H220 Immobiliser system
03.Increase the BRILLIANCE V3 Immobiliser system
04.Increase the CHANGAN Benben mini remote system
05.Increase the CHANGAN new Benben remote system
06.Increase the JAC Refine M5 remote systems
07.Increase the GM CADILLAC CTS Immobiliser system type 2 
08.Increase the ZZNISSAN Odin Diesel Immobiliser system
09.Increasing the MG GT Immobiliser system      
10.Increasing the GEELY CROSS STEC Immobiliser system
11.Increasing the GEELY CROSS Steel Mate
12.Increasing the GEELY New Yuanjing STEC immobiliser system
13.Increasing theNissanQ50Smart key system
14.Increase the ZOTYE SR7,Z100,X5,Z500 maintenance reset
15.Increase the BAIC CC,D50,D70,D80,X65,X55 maintenance reset
16.Increase the ZOTYE X5 EPB function
17.Increase the ZOTYE SR7 EPB function
18.optimization the VW/AUDI/SKODA/SEAT
19.optimization the PORSCHE Cayenne 2006-Immobiliser system
20.optimization the GREATWALL Fengjun Delphi Petrol Immobiliser system,Delphi Diesel (Bosch 2.8TC) Immobiliser system,Delphi Diesel (Delphi 4D20) Immobiliser system,Delphi Petrol Immobiliser system(DIAS),Delphi Immobiliser system(Bosch EDC17C63)
21.optimization the BAOJUN 630
22.optimization the CHRYSLERAspen 07-09 Immobiliser system
23.optimization the CITROEN and PEUGEOT type 4
24. optimization the Europe BMW Maintenance reset
25. Increase the SUZUKI Alivio and S-Cross Smart key system