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(6th Anni Sale) XTOOL X100 PAD One Year Update Service Subscription

(6th Anni Sale) XTOOL X100 PAD One Year Update Service Subscription

  • Item No. XNR-SS239
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XTOOL X100 PAD One Year Update Service Subscription

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by Marcos on Apr 27, 2022
Hola tengo una x100 pad: X100PAD-13077 necesito actualizar la tengo activa pero venció la suscripció aquí donde debo comprar.saludos desde argentina
Replied by Jenny on Apr 27, 2022
Sí, puedes comprar desde este enlace.
Y luego abriré la suscripción de actualización nuevamente.
by Mr.Balazs on Nov 7, 2021
Hi I have x100 pad. I did upgrade and after I got a fully clear activation page . I have every information for my tool(name,password activation code ,so numbers)but I forgot the password for my old email so I locked out my self in my mailbox. My question is If I buy a new activation ,I will able to upgrade my tools whiteout old email address, or possible I able to change the email for new?thx
Replied by Jenny on Nov 7, 2021
can not change the old email address to a new one except the factory help to reset the device and you need to active again 
by Mr.Andrey on Mar 18, 2021
can i do odometer CADILLAC Escalade 2018-
after update ?X100PAD-10923
Replied by Jenny on Mar 18, 2021
Sorry, can not 
by Milad Masoodean on Oct 13, 2020
I have also ordered the 1 dollar activation code support. What happens now? Do i get an email?
by Milad Masoodean on Oct 13, 2020
Hello. My xpad-100 suddently needs the activation code, and i dont have it, since it said it is a one time prosedure

by Pedro Fidalgo on Aug 22, 2020
hi ive purchased the update what happens now? do i get it in the post? or doi get an email or the updates will resume?
by Mr.Johnny Andres Ramos on Jun 13, 2020
Will this New update support my car Renault Clio IV ? or X100pad Versión UE ?
Replied by Jenny on Jun 14, 2020
Can not support 
You need buy the local version from local dealer 
by Mr.eduard on Feb 16, 2020
i have xtool 100 pad serial number 13721 version softwear version v3.5.3_c133 apk is there a new version of update i dont have renault megan 3 key learning do i get this function after update ?
Replied by Jenny on Feb 16, 2020
Hello Dear SIr 
IT can not support Megana 3 
by Jorge Olivera on Dec 15, 2019
Hola tengo un x100pad -14299 cual se rompió la tablet y necesitaría poner software en otra tablet donde podría descargar nuevo software ? Gracias
by Mr.miguel varas on Nov 20, 2019
no funciona obd2 diagnosis se puede actualizar x100 pad
by Mr.Paul on Nov 20, 2019
Will this New update support my car Hyundai i40
by Mr.Paul on Nov 17, 2019
Will this New Update work on 2015 Hyundai i40 odometer
by Mr.Gourav on Oct 14, 2019
Is this update work in indian version ??
Replied by Jenny on Oct 14, 2019
Sorry, can not 
by Mr.Gourav arora on Oct 10, 2019
How to get the activation code
Replied by Jenny on Oct 10, 2019
Provide SN to factory to get activation code 
by Mr.Ibrahim on Sep 15, 2019
nue gekauft bis jetz nicht korekt ubdat oder schlus codire das ist nicht gute service
Jetzt andre gekauft unser firma aber kann nicht opel movano schluss codieren Xtool GDS nur von spass dikore
by juan meza on Aug 12, 2019
.hello i buy the one year update right now, this is my x100 pad serial number: X100 PAD - 12655
by Mr.Scott on Aug 6, 2019
Hi. My sn number is x100pad-10896 will the update service work?
Replied by Jenny on Aug 7, 2019
Hello Scott 
The service is good for your SN X100 PAD
by Rimantas Klotinis on Jun 23, 2019
Tell me, can I update my device s/n x100PAD-10022.
When updating, it gives an error:
"GetUpdateListEx: Error code = 5
Data doesn`t exist. "
Replied by Jenny on Jun 23, 2019
You need  to buy new update service 
by Mr.Peter Bartmann on Jan 7, 2019

Please you help.
Product name. X100PAD
Serial number. X100PAD-13450
Activation code. 52HDUY

o it had to be restarted and forgot all the updates when I leaked my updates, and 5 error were spotted.
My other problem is that the battery is broken, my question is where can I buy a new one.

thanks and regards
Replied by Jenny on Jan 7, 2019
Hello Mr Peter 
For error5 problem, you should contact factory to do remote assistance 
Where did you buy the scanner ? 
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