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(6th Anni Sale) XTOOL X100 PAD2 X100 PAD2 Pro One Year Update Service Subscription

(6th Anni Sale) XTOOL X100 PAD2 X100 PAD2 Pro One Year Update Service Subscription

  • Item No. XNR-SS244
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XTOOl X100 PAD2 X100 PAD2 Pro One Year Update Service Subscription

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by Alex lope? on Mar 23, 2022
What update include year and model
by Mr. Touati Kamel on Mar 10, 2022
Bonsoir je voudrais bien la mise à jour juste pour les Renault est Peugeot car 400 euros trop chère c’est mieux d’acheter un nouvel machine avec 2 ans de garantie
Replied by Jenny on Mar 10, 2022
pour la correction kilométrage renault et peugeot ? 
by Mr.Alexis on Oct 23, 2021
Hey do you guys have a cheaper update or choose cars you want to update
Replied by Jenny on Oct 24, 2021
Hello Dear Sir 
How much do you want to buy ?
by Mr.Marcio on Jul 6, 2021
Atualização muito cara para poucos benefícios autel está despontando a xtool está ficando para traz inventaram uma xpad 3 que não tem a metade dos recursos de uma autel
Xpad custo benefício não vale a pena
by David Quach on May 20, 2021
Hi, I would like to get this update but why is it so expensive for only one year? $400 is too much for me
Replied by Jenny on May 20, 2021
Hello Dear Sir 
How much do you want to pay ?
by Paul Stockham on Feb 13, 2021
Works fairly well couldn’t access peugeot engine system on a partner van deisel under any configuration.update is expensive,ive updated once already,thinking of selling and getting an autel
by Mr.Sergei on Jan 19, 2021
400+400=новый прибор
by Mr.Sergei on Jan 19, 2021
Имею X100pad2, обновление 400$ на какой срок???
Replied by Jenny on Jan 19, 2021
400USD на 1 год
by Mr.abdeslem atek on Nov 19, 2020
bonjour ,je voudrai m adresse directement a la compagnie XTOOL ,j ai achete un xtool 100 pad 2,que je croyais foctionne pour toutes les voitures ,malheureusem beaucoup de modele ,il ne les fait pas .s il necessite des mises a jour , je suis pret a payer ,pour vu que ca fonctionne bien .Merci de repondre rapidement
Replied by Jenny on Nov 19, 2020
Bonjour cher monsieur
Puis-je savoir où avez-vous acheté l'appareil?
Puisqu'il n'y a aucun outil peut faire tous les modèles de voiture
by Mr.pablo jaramillo on Nov 10, 2020
I have the x100 pad2 looking for update since i got it most cars did not work right.. i need to update to see if there is a chance that you guys have better software or least that works correctly .. pls let know if there is a better deal for update not like 50% of the cost of the product..
Replied by Jenny on Nov 10, 2020
Hello Dear Sir 
What kind of car you can not test and wants the update to work for it ? 
If you want better price, we can talk via email"" or Whatsapp 
by Mr.Seniokas on Sep 16, 2020
Very expensive update. I am using just for my and family cars and now its rebooted by him self and not working at all. Can't find any information.
Replied by Jenny on Sep 16, 2020
Hello Dear Sir 
It is for the update, not the cost to find the device information 
by Mr.Steven Kwaku Mensah on Jul 22, 2020
How will I update it after payment for update is done...
Replied by Jenny on Jul 22, 2020
After buying the update ,factory will open the authorization. 
And then you can click the APP to do the update
by Mr.Alvaro Jose on Jul 9, 2020
Los felicito su equipo es maravilloso y no tengo queja de su uso; para mi a sido una ayuda muy, muy importante.

Quiero comprar la actualización y tengo tres preguntas antes de tomar mi decisión.
1. Me puedes informar que software adicional tendría mi versión de xpad2.
2. El equipo soporta el emulador azul para smart Toyota y cuanto cuesta si y solo si lo soporta?
3. Cual es el mejor descuento que me puedes dar en el software o que tiempo adicional me puedes dar por esta tarifa; realmente debiera ser más competitivo; el término de un año es poco.

Espero su amable respuesta.
by Mr.Pedro on Jun 4, 2020
Não tem memória suficiente para todo o software. Alguma maneira de colocar cartão de memória ou outra opção
by Mr.marcos on Jun 2, 2020
Hola, quisiera saber si la x100 pad 2 tiene una actualizacion sobre la region brasil? o solo es la que ofresen por este medio?
by henry 79 on May 14, 2020
Why is It too expensive,we are loyal to xtool brand must be more accessible price
Replied by Jenny on May 14, 2020
Hello Dear Sir
If you want , i can offer 350USD for you 
by ale on Apr 10, 2020
Why is It too expensive,we are loyal to xtool brand must be more accessible price
Replied by Jenny on Apr 12, 2020
Hello Dear Sir 
If you want i can offer 372USD for you 
by Julio CEsar on Mar 10, 2020
me pregunto si habrá una actualización para el odometro para lograr una amplitud de modelos 'o los que trae de fabrica solo serán esos?
Replied by Jenny on Mar 10, 2020
Es una actualización completa, no se puede actualizar por parte
by Mr.saisai on Feb 10, 2020
les prix des mises à jour sont trop élevés.
by Mr.JORGE MENDEZ on Dec 30, 2019
Replied by Jenny on Dec 30, 2019 
Here is the model list for mileage corretion,please check 
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