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(US Ship)XTOOL V401 VW/AUDI/SEAT/SKODA Professional Tool Support Models in 3th Generation Before Year 2009

(US Ship)XTOOL V401 VW/AUDI/SEAT/SKODA Professional Tool Support Models in 3th Generation Before Year 2009

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Xtool V401 is a V-A-G handhold diagnostic tool. It supports many function such as read and clear fault codes, basic setting, coding, oil reset , srs reset and so on.Support CANBUS and UDS Potocols

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by Mr.Mike W on Jan 9, 2022
Less than one star if possible Not impressed , so far . Painfully slow to connect to my Audi. Even slower to navigate between menus, button press lag will get it things confused so wait ...between presses for it to respond. Seems to lock up all the time and must be disconnected and start over. When it does connect the and reads data it only captures the most simplistic signals. Others say supported but only display dashes. Very poor manual . Only shows how to change the contrast and other worthless changes and not much else that is useful. Sad... I’ll try an update but guess what, no instructions or links, no surprise.... I’m sure I’ll want to return it for a refund so wish me luck
by Mr.Sylvain Larcher on Sep 25, 2020
i need a update for the vag401 u guys still advertise it as free update make the update
Replied by Jenny on Sep 26, 2020
Hello Dear Sir 
Here is the download link for the updatetool
by Mr.christopher Bansemer on Dec 7, 2019
I have this exact tool, and it is as good as the vagcom it self! The problems when people are trying to update this tool, is that the sd card needs to be put into a adapter and plugged in to the computer.. If you formt the sd card, you need to contact xtool customer service for help.. You just download the upgrade tool on and sign in with the s/n and password located in "about" tab in the scanners menu..
Then select the sd card you inserted to your pc, and click update. This is THE scanner for vw and audi + scoda etc. Hands down.
by Mr.bubba jones on Oct 7, 2019
will this scanner work with newer VW's ? I have 2019 Jetta...or it it for older models.
Replied by Jenny on Oct 7, 2019
I am sorry, it can not support 
by Mr.Eric on Mar 28, 2019
I bought this to run my diesel pump on a 2015 TDi to prime the high pressure fuel pump, but the device does not appear to have this function. I will likely be returning it and acquiring the OBDeleven tool.
by Mr.richter on Jan 29, 2019
hello dear support team i got an vag401scanner that i cant update ,it seems it always stuck on downloading section and wouldnt move forward^^.i take out the sd card and formattet it ,install upgradetool new and i think maybe its the reason he would not update casued by a wrong sd-card filesystem (likely fat32,fat or ntfs) now i need to know which filesystem is the standart for the vag401 scanner to make sure the upgradetool can communicate with the sd-card in the cardreader.

greetz from dortmund /germany
sincerly sven richter
Replied by Jenny on Jan 29, 2019
Hello dear sven richter 
I am sorry to tell that VAG401 can not updated right now 
by Mr.neil on Dec 19, 2018
do you have an upgraded to make this device a full version? like some are not supported. maybe i can buy a full version or something>?
Replied by Jenny on Dec 19, 2018
Hello Mr Neil 
I am sorry, there is no update for VAG401 right now 
by Mr.andre magalhaes on Dec 10, 2018
Boa noite, comprei este equipamento e no manual diz que tem a língua portuguesa, mas a mesma nao esta no equipamento, como faço agora?
by Mr.Arnold on Nov 7, 2018
Unable to locate update for xtool vag401 scanner. It does not perform basic settings. Please provide feedback.
by Mr.Vince Saavedra on Oct 4, 2018
So far it's worked for pulling some codes and erasing codes, I haven't had time to really explore all the functions on this tool, I also wish it came with a more in depth manual, this manual is really just a basic overview of the different screens that are available, it doesn't have detailed instructions on how to preform the many functions this tool is capable of and could really get the average car owner who's looking to repair his/her own car into a lot of trouble real quick especially on VW and Audi's that are code heavy and I haven't seen any place on the website where one can get a more detailed manual You guys should really think about producing one! other than this I am happy with it, like I said so far I've only pulled some codes and today I'm going to test my MAF I'll let You know how that goes!
by Mr.Kevin Barnes on Aug 20, 2018
Does this reset dsg transmission to basic settings on a 2008 vw r32
by Mr.Robert van de Ven on May 1, 2018
I am looking for a manual for the xtool VAG401. I would like to familiarise myself with all the possible options and learn more about them. Where can I get a manual for this equipment?
Replied by Jenny on May 1, 2018
Hello Robert 
I am sorry, there is no User Manual for this scanner 
by Mr.Mario Harapin on Apr 23, 2018

Is this the original device?

I have VW Golf 6 1.6 TDI, Can you tell me can this device Xtool V-A-G 401 activate engine fuel pump and purge air out of the fuel lines?

Link attached

Best regards,

Replied by Jenny on Apr 23, 2018
Hello Mario 
VAG 401 is the original device. 
The function you want it not supported 
by Mr.Gabriel on Feb 6, 2018
Salve, ho acquistato il VAG401 su amazon e riportava la possibilità di mettere la lingua italiana con un aggiornamento del software.
Ho provato a fare l'aggiornamento software con il programma "Upgrade Tool" ma mi rimane sempre lingua inglese:
Hardware version 5.3
Software version 7.0
Release date 02/19/13

Mi potete aiutare?

Grazie in anticipo.
Replied by Jenny on Feb 7, 2018
Solo inglese con vag401
by Mr.Steve Davis on Jan 21, 2018
I am unable to reset the airbag light on a 2011 Jetta TDI. Is there something I am not doing right?
Replied by Jenny on Jan 21, 2018
Is there any error message ? 

by Mr.armin calderon on Jan 12, 2018
hi, i need the update software for vag 401, best regards
Replied by Jenny on Jan 14, 2018
Please go to official site

by Mr.Reuter on Jan 10, 2018
took long but nice product. works great
Replied by Jenny on Jan 10, 2018
Hello Mr Reuter
Thanks for your feedback. 
Any questions, feel free to contact me. 
by Mr.Mashuta on Jan 10, 2018
realy good works great tool for audi 2.0 tdi 2009
Replied by Jenny on Jan 10, 2018
Hello Mr Mashua
Thanks for your support, 
Any questions, feel free to contact me
by Mr.Leelodharry on Jan 10, 2018
fast shipping vw golf 5 2004 security 2.0 tdi reading and odometer change pin don't work. clearing dtcs and scanning is ok. recommended.
Replied by Jenny on Jan 10, 2018
Hello Mr Leelodharry 
Thanks for your feedback, it is good for customer to choose 
Any questions, feel free to contact me
by Matt Wienke on Jan 7, 2018
My VAG disconnected while replacing the rear brakes on my 2013 Audi S6. Now, it doesn't seem to want to connect via the same steps as I used to retract the EPB. How do I use the VAG to reset the EPB so that the lights on the dash and EPB button are no longer flashing?
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