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Promotion:XTool PS90 Tablet Vehicle Diagnostic Tool with Wifi and Special Function TPS,Oil Resetting, EPB, TPMS, Airbag Reset Work with EEPROM& KC100

Promotion:XTool PS90 Tablet Vehicle Diagnostic Tool with Wifi and Special Function TPS,Oil Resetting, EPB, TPMS, Airbag Reset Work with EEPROM& KC100

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XTOOL PS90 is a high-end and new style auto diagnostic device developed by XTOOL based on Android system and Internet application. It combines the XTOOL Company’s vast vehicle coverage, strong diagnostic functions, many special functions and modern high quality tablet together. PS90 has the application advantage of Internet, which sharing your diagnostic data, picture, video and searching relevant solutions and experience online.

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by Mr.OKORO CALVIN on Jul 11, 2019
Please, what is the Actual battery capacity of PS90?
Is it 8000Mah or 16000mah? Some dealers say 16,000 mah while others say 8000mah. Which one?
Replied by Jenny on Jul 12, 2019
I had confirmed with factory 
It is 8000 mah
by Mr.OKORO CALVIN on Jul 3, 2019
Good day, Please, apart from KC100 which is for 4th and 5th VOLKS WAGEN IMOMOBILIZER. Can PS90 read Pin and program Key/Immobilizer exactly like X100PAD2?
Replied by Jenny on Jul 4, 2019
Hello Freind 
PS90 can also read like as PAD2 Pro. SInce it is also can work together with KC100
Any questions, feel free to contact me
by Mr.Bujanda on May 28, 2019
Perfect, fast delivery, good communication, compliant product, very satisfied, I advice
by Mr.Rocourt on Apr 1, 2019
Tested more than 50 cars. The result is excellent! Machines from 1991 to 2018. Functional pleased!!! I thought that the functionality would be less much. The declared functionality works for all 100%. I advise you. Definitely builds this money.
Replied by Jenny on Apr 1, 2019
Thanks for your feedback 
Any problems,feel free to contact us 
by Mr.Zeus on Jan 23, 2019
Fortunately mileage correction does not work on infinity other than 2 models only XJ35 and QX60 outside of those 2 it's useless for odometer correction So I am very disappointed Because that was a customers car also on my own personal vehicle 2005 BMW 645 it told me what the issue was with the door module however it did not represent a solution or give me any idea how to fix the issue
Replied by Jenny on Jan 23, 2019
Hello Mr Zeus 
Sorry to hear this 
Please tell where did you get this interface ? 
Hope your prompt reply 
by Mr.Santiago on Jan 5, 2019
hello good night I want to buy the ps90 but I have a doubt. I want to know if when you are checking the live data you can see the value of the car at that moment and the range of how the value of the functions should be
Replied by Jenny on Jan 6, 2019
Hello Mr Santiago 
What kind of value ? 
Could you make example ? 
by Mr.Tarek on Dec 18, 2018
هل يمكن تصحيح اميال ا2006 gmc envoy
by Mr.souf on Nov 27, 2018
its a w906
Replied by Jenny on Nov 27, 2018
Hello Mr Souf 
I am sorry, PS90 can not support your Benz models 
by Mr.souf on Nov 26, 2018
Replied by Jenny on Nov 26, 2018
I am sorry, i made a mistake 
We want to know the type of the chassis such as W201 and whatelese
Please tell 
by Mr.Souf on Nov 23, 2018
Hi, there, can you tell me if xtool ps90 can do mileage correction for my car? Mercedes-benz splinter and vito 2010?
Replied by Jenny on Nov 25, 2018
what's the VIN for your car models ? 

by tony luna on Nov 5, 2018
by Mr.Hussain on Sep 1, 2018
what is the delivery option and how long it will take ?
Replied by Jenny on Sep 2, 2018
delivery option is DHL which will take 3-5 working days to arrive 
by Mr.Hussain on Aug 31, 2018
Hi, i have 3 questions:
1- What is the difference between EZ500 & PS90 ?
2- How many years of free update i will get and how much it will cost me later ?
3- What is the shipping cost to Bahrain ?
Replied by Jenny on Sep 1, 2018
Hello Hussain 
Thanks for your inquiry about our product PS90
1.They are two different product, can not compare them 
2.Two Year free update right now, but no cost for the future update currently 
3.Free Shipping to Bahrain
by Mr.Oscar C Martinez on Oct 24, 2016
Hi Can the ps90 do milage and hour correction in the 2015-2016 dodge Ram? Thank you
Replied by Angela on Oct 24, 2016
Hi dear friend

Here are the car list for mileage correction:
CHRYSLER RAM 2006-2008

You can check it, but we do not sell PS90, you can buy EZ500 on our site, it is the same function tool with PS90.

Best regards

by Mr.johnnie ruiz on Oct 7, 2016
you have the ps90L
Replied by Angela on Oct 9, 2016
Hi dear friend

Sorry, we do not have PS90L.

Best regards

by Mr.Hall on Aug 14, 2016
Out of xtool 100 pad and xtool ps90, which one is the best?
Replied by Bella on Aug 14, 2016
Hi Hall

Good day and thanks for inquiring on

We have x100 pad and here is the link, you can check:

But we do not have the ps90 now, our EZ400 has the same function as PS90, you can buy this one

If you want buy and please let me know

Thanks and regards

by Mr.Mohammed al-haj on Aug 7, 2016
Hi I want sp9p he What is the price for it delivery to yemen
by ivan martinez cruz on Aug 2, 2016

I'm interested in buying the team
by Mr.Gary on Jun 22, 2016
Can PS90 diagnose trucks as well?
Replied by Bella on Jun 26, 2016
Hi Gary

Good day and thanks for your message
This ps90 it can not do trucks and it is only for cars

If you want to do trucks and you can choose PS2 and here is the link:

If you have any more questions please let me know

Thanks and regards

by Mr.marcus on Apr 29, 2016
hello friend when will get in stock please let us know. thanks
Replied by Bella on May 3, 2016
Hi Marcus

Good day and thanks for your message

Once it is in stock and i will let u know

Best regards

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