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Xtool X100 Pad tablet can't start after update (Fixed)

How to deal with XTOOL X100 Pad can't start and only display XTOOL logo after update.
After update Xtool X100 pad tablet key programmer, it stopped booting and didn't start.

Before that the screen displayed system update I download, then the tablet had self reset and turn on.
Then the screen displayed only Xtool logo and don't run Android system.

Solution provided by
1. Donwload the Xtool X100 pad firmware reflash file!7wNQCaDD!0H9VxkXnNYFbV7vmm_OPDNgXAKMmXFPDA_kFkbDckNQ
2. Paste the above file on the desktop, plug the X100 Pad to the computer.
3. Contact Xtool factory engineer for remote assistance via Teamviwer
4. The engineer will help reflash the firmware.
Good luck